How do I contest a traffic ticket in Illinois?

If you’ve been pulled over and ticketed for a traffic violation, it’s important to fight the ticket so that you can keep points off your record, save money on insurance rates, and avoid possible license suspension. To do so, you must appear in court or have an attorney represent you at the hearing.

The sworn officer who wrote the ticket must testify at the hearing about what happened, including the date, time and location of the alleged violation. The officer must also give the specific statute or ordinance you’ve been accused of violating. Then, you or your attorney can cross-examine witnesses and present evidence. In some states, you can have witnesses subpoenaed to come testify on your behalf.

It’s common for the police to make mistakes during traffic stops. In fact, it’s the reason why so many drivers choose to fight their tickets.

Whether you’re fighting a speeding ticket or a turn-right-on-red violation, your best strategy in traffic court is to cast doubt on the officer’s conclusions. Typically, these kinds of violations are based on the officer’s subjective judgment that you were driving unsafely. You can bolster your case by arguing that the weather was clear and that you were avoiding obstructions, for example.

Other types of Traffic tickets, such as failing to stop at a red light or stopping on the wrong side of a road, are usually based on objective observations. However, you can still try to get these types of traffic violations dismissed by pointing out that the officer’s observations were impeded by things such as poor visibility or an obscured sign.

Most traffic violations aren’t criminal offenses and don’t carry a jail sentence. However, they can still damage your driving record and cause your insurance rates to rise. It’s also possible that they could lead to a license suspension, which can be especially problematic for commercial drivers.

You should do everything you can to keep the points off your record, particularly if you drive for work. Besides raising your premium, the points can cause you to be unable to get a job that requires driving or to lose your current one. If your record gets too blemished, you may need to apply for a restricted license in order to continue driving for essential purposes, such as going to and from work.

If you’re convicted of an uncontested traffic violation, it can lead to a suspended license and even jail time. For this reason, you should always fight any traffic ticket you receive. The best way to do this is to hire an experienced Yonnkers and White Plains traffic ticket attorney who can represent you in court. In some states, a lawyer can prevent the Department of Motor Vehicles from suspending your license or require you to attend traffic school. In other states, a lawyer can help you get a reduction in fines or have the conviction expunged from your record. You can find a qualified attorney near you through our legal directory.

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