How to Choose a Whistleblower Attorney

Whistleblower Attorney

When choosing a whistleblower attorney, you will want to look for certain qualities. These characteristics include experience, education, and a track record of success. You will also want to consider how much commitment the attorney has to this cause. While you may think you’ll be able to do it on your own, you may need the help of an attorney. The following article will walk you through the process of selecting a whistleblower attorney.


To obtain compensation for a whistleblower tip, a person must first determine whether the tip is significant and should be investigated by the government. In addition, an experienced whistleblower attorney will know how to report the tip properly to maximize the protections available under whistleblower laws. An experienced attorney can also provide guidance on reporting tips in order to maximize protections against retaliation. A lawyer with experience in whistleblower cases will have a leg up on competing lawyers in a case of this type.


In New York State, the False Claims Act allows for the Whistleblower Attorney    payment of cash awards to whistleblowers who expose fraudulent activity. The Act covers both state and local governments, including school districts, boards of cooperative educational services, and local public benefit corporations. Some examples of these entities include public universities, school districts, and other political subdivisions of the state. Examples of fraud that may be committed against education contracts include the New York City Department of Education.

Track record of success

It is critical to choose a whistleblower attorney with a track record of successful recovery for clients. Although professional accolades and credentials are helpful, they can’t guarantee a successful case. The attorney should have a history of successfully resolving whistleblower cases and have experience working with investigators and government agents. Goldberg Kohn has a proven track record of success and has helped countless clients win successful settlements.


When choosing a whistleblower attorney, it is vital to consider the amount of time and resources that they can devote to your case. Whistleblower attorneys are often full-time professionals who dedicate all of their time and resources to their clients. Working with committed whistleblowers is a privilege that they take very seriously. The following tips will help you find an attorney who is committed to protecting the rights of whistleblowers.

Contact information

Whether you are a former employee of a major corporation or a whistleblower reporting fraud, you should contact a whistleblower attorney as soon as possible. You may have further questions that you need answers to. Your whistleblower lawyer will communicate with the SEC’s lawyers and help you prepare responses to any questions they may have. If you want to protect your identity, your whistleblower attorney can represent you at the SEC.