Why You Need a Truck Accident Attorney With a Strong Legal Background

If you’ve been in a crash involving an 18-wheeler, a trucking company and their attorneys will do everything they can to deny you compensation for your injuries and losses. It takes sophisticated representation to fight them and get you what you deserve.

Large trucks are subject to different federal safety regulations than passenger vehicles. These regulations cover vehicle maintenance, load weights, how cargo is secured, driver fatigue and driving time, and more. Violations of these regulations can be used to prove that the trucker was negligent. The lawyer you choose will have a strong legal background in handling trucking accidents and will know how to review these regulations and look for violations that could be the cause of the accident.

The first thing a good Long Island truck accident attorney will do is ensure that all evidence is collected at the scene of the crash. This includes photos and videos of the crash, skid marks, damage to both cars, the truck’s black box information, witness interviews, medical records, and more. Taking the time to gather this evidence can help your case.

A good Truck accident attorney with a strong legal background will also conduct an investigation into the cause of the accident. This may include bringing in experts such as accident reconstructionists, engineers and other specialists to determine why the crash occurred. They will look at how the driver may have been distracted, if they were speeding, whether the truck was overloaded, or if there were any manufacturing defects in the tractor-trailer or its components.

Once they have all the evidence, they will begin calculating your current and future expenses. These are called “damages.” Some of the most important damages include lost wages, current and future medical bills, and emotional distress. Your lawyer will hire experts such as economists, life-care planners and other professionals to help them calculate your losses.

Finally, a good truck accident attorney will be able to negotiate with the insurance companies and get you a fair settlement. Trying to go up against these big insurance companies without an experienced truck accident lawyer is stressful, difficult, and usually not successful. The insurance company’s employees are working for their bosses and the company bottom line, not you.

Having a qualified attorney on your side means you have someone who will deal with the insurance company, collect and preserve evidence, and file suit if necessary. It’s not worth the risk to try to handle a truck accident claim on your own.

If you have been injured in a crash with a truck, contact Chaikin LaPenna for a free consultation. We have a track record of success and can fight for you to get the compensation you need. Call today.