Canadian Rockies Rail Tours

The world-renowned Rocky Mountaineer Circle Tours feature two days of round-trip travel on the Rocky Mountaineer, the all-daylight train that carries you around the peaks and valleys of the majestic Canadian Rockies. During your trip, you’ll be treated to an onboard experience that encompasses the beauty and quirkiness of Western Canada’s landscapes and pioneer settlements. Savor regional cuisine, hear stories of the past from your hosts and see the wonders of engineering marvels such as Hell’s Gate.

This journey starts in Vancouver Canadian Rockies train trips and runs from mid-April to the end of October. The Rocky Mountaineer trains operate every day of the week and run all-daylight so you can enjoy the stunning scenery. The trains are refurbished dome cars that offer stunning views from the lower level and spacious upstairs seating. You’ll be served meals in your seat – and the Gold Leaf service includes champagne, wine and cocktails during the day; breakfasts like souffles and Eggs Benedict; three-course lunches of wild pacific salmon or steak and risotto; and snacks throughout.

The journey takes you out of Vancouver through the lush green forests of British Columbia. The train chugs along the banks of the Kicking Horse River and then cuts through a dramatic canyon where the railway bridges are surrounded by steep, snow-capped cliffs. You’ll reach the Continental Divide, where a small monument marks the boundary between Alberta and British Columbia. Rainwater falling on the east side of the Divide flows to the Atlantic; rainfall on the west side is swept into the Pacific Ocean.

After crossing the Continental Divide you’ll reach the Cariboo Plateau, where pine trees make a welcome return. This is cattle country and you’ll likely spot herds of cows grazing alongside the tracks. You’ll also see the mighty pyramid-shaped Pyramid Creek Falls, cascading over three stairsteps and crashing into bedrock before fanning out like a giant turban.

You’ll pass the quaint hamlet of Field and the historic town of Field Junction where trains once stopped to refuel. You’ll then pass the Kicking Horse Canyon, where the train crosses and re-crosses the fast-flowing Kicking Horse river several times. The mountains here are a dramatic mix of rugged peaks and narrow, rocky glaciers.

On your way to Kamloops you’ll pass a beautiful log cabin style station at Lake Louise that was used as a location for the station scenes in Dr Zhivago. You’ll then pass the arid landscapes of southern BC, and stop at the arid city of Ashcroft before arriving in Kamloops on Day 2. Here you’ll spend an overnight hotel stay included in your ticket fare.

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