Hood Cleaning – Keep Your Restaurant Safe and Prevent Fires

Investing in regular hood cleaning operations is a great way to keep your restaurant safe and prevent fires. Not only do hood cleaners protect you from fires, but they also provide a clean, efficient kitchen and a safer working environment for employees. Keeping your kitchen clean will reduce the risk of contamination, and will improve air quality.

Hood cleaning is essential in most commercial cooking facilities. It is also required by the International Fire Code. In fact, nearly every restaurant in the United States has a requirement to have a hood cleaned. Cleaning the hood will eliminate grease and other built-up compounds that can clog drains and create unhealthy air conditions. Also, cleaning the hood can ensure that the fan works properly. This can help reduce the need for repairs.

A reputable hood cleaning service will clean the vent hood and duct system, removing debris from the baffle filters and duct work. They will also clean the fan blades and shroud, and polish the hood to shine.

Before a hood cleaning can be performed, a cleaning technician will need to make sure that you have sufficient access to your roof. For example, if the fan is on the side of the building, you will need to have the roof opened up. During the cleaning process, the fan will be removed and cleaned. The hood will be sprayed with hot water and degreaser. Depending on the size of your kitchen, this process can take several hours.

When you have your kitchen hood cleaned, the ductwork is typically cleaned as well. Having your kitchen ducts and fan ducts cleaned will ensure that your kitchen will be compliant with the National Fire Protection Association Standard 96. These standards are the minimum standards for commercial kitchen operators across the country.

Typically, a hood cleaning job will require excellent time management skills, as well as strong written communication skills. Some hood cleaning jobs will also require drug screenings and criminal background checks. Ensure that you have a valid driver’s license and car to get to and from the job site.

A hood cleaning company will use high-powered hot water pressure washing to remove the excess build-up of grease and chemicals. The process is repeated until the metal is bare. This Hood Cleaning is done by using a high-pressure spray of around 1,500 Р2,000 psi.

When your hood is complete, the company will apply a sticker on the hood canopy, which shows the cleaning date to fire inspectors and insurance companies. The service report will be reviewed by the restaurant owner/manager and will be given to the cleaning company.

Once the hood has been cleaned, the company will check for any vibrations in the fans. If necessary, the hood may need a new fan belt. After this, the hood will be polished and all the areas where the work was performed will be wiped clean.

Depending on the restaurant’s needs, kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services can be scheduled any time of the day or night. They are available Sunday through Thursday.