Risk Assessments for Lone Worker Safety

Lone workers are employees that are not always under direct or close supervision. The fact that they are unsupervised means that they may be at risk. In this case, a risk assessment is needed. A risk assessment includes information about the Occupational Safety and Health Act, training and monitoring, and other guidelines.

Occupational Safety and Health Act

The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requires employers to protect lone workers. However, the regulations vary between jurisdictions. Most jurisdictions have laws governing lone workers, but some provinces do not. In addition, some provinces have regulations regarding the number of employees that must work at hazardous sites.

Duty of care

As a responsible employer, you have a duty of care to ensure the safety of lone workers. You must take reasonable steps to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing and provide them with lone worker safety the tools and information they need to stay safe and productive. Today, lone workers are facing new challenges that make it important for employers to implement new safety measures. One of the biggest concerns is the threat of terrorist attacks. This has led to a spike in attacks against transit workers, which has resulted in a number of serious injuries.


Creating an effective training for lone worker safety begins with engaging your workforce. You should talk to supervisors and front-line workers, and you should conduct small focus groups. You can also observe workers to understand the risks they face. Analyzing past health and safety incidents can also help you identify areas of concern.


Personal safety devices for lone workers can increase their confidence and allow them to communicate with their colleagues and get on-the-job support. These devices can also help them complete their tasks faster.

Automatic alarms

Automatic alarms for lone worker safety can be an important part of a safety plan. The main benefit of these devices is that they allow the worker to remain hands-free, which is vital for lone workers. However, the device may be difficult to reach in case of an emergency. This is why wearable devices are a better option for lone workers.

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